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Trophy Club Information and Highlights

Trophy Club is a relatively new community in comparison to the historically significant Fort Worth area. It is a tableau of blocks, avenues, and parks, devoted to the idea of honoring a specific pantheon of sport deities. One perfectly preserved neighborhood, bowing under the altar of Golf Demigod, Ben Hogan.

Galvanized into being in 1970 by local developers Johnson and Logins, the general idea surrounding its inception was to gift golf aficionados and country-club living enthusiasts a home friendly paradise. The housing development revolved around a state-of-the-art, chic and overly comfortable country club. The town was named after this particular shrine’s epicenter, a distinct building, that aside from all the amenities expected of a lavished club would also hold a treasured gathering... The trophy collection of golf legend Ben Hogan.

Since that bygone date in the 70’s, the town has swelled up and continued its forward momentum with new land acquisitions. The elegance and chic ambiance never sacrificed in the name of progress.

Its district has been the home of numerous local celebs, national icons, and even a Mercury 13 astronaut. In the Dallas/Fort Worth region, Trophy Club is a named clearly associated with prestige and, above all, a lust for the better thing in life.


Trophy Club has found its foothold in Texas just minutes from one of its most rambunctious and cosmopolitan towns, Fort Worth.

Part of the Denton County, Trophy Club aims to always keep up its promise and town emblem, a motto encrusted on all official buildings: "A Great Place To Call Home!"

Its borders clearly delineated on all sides, give the visitor a panorama of its potential. To the east one of Texas most visited highways, a path that shoots straight into the heart of Fort Worth; south, cleaving its way across the landscape, the Northwest Parkway. A serpentine road that leads to Dallas and the state's busiest International Airport; enclosed on the north, the manmade lake Grapevine; and, finally, to the west, one of the area's most "happening" spots Southlake.

Trophy Club is an Oasis shrouded in big city life while barring its frontiers against the seedier aspects of said experience. It maintains one toe in the waters of a tumultuous yet highly entertaining ocean while enjoying the tranquility of an almost closed community.

Parks and golf astroturf; cuisine heavy club houses; expertly maintained lawns; chipper neighbors and a governing council of seven that strives to make everyone's stay in Trophy Club akin to paradise.


The Fort Worth area has a humid subtropical climate. Hot, humid summers and generally mild to cool winters. It suffers from sudden temperature variance that go to the extreme. The days, hot and balmy, while the nights carry with it the bite of a chilly wind.


Arophy Club has a meager yet distinct shopping emporium. It has enough to satisfy our basic wants. It is generally a residential area with few haberdasheries and stores. Just outside its community's gates, nothing more than a 4-minute excursion in your car, and you'll discover a world brimming with binge-worthy options and global brands.


Trophy Club, as a whole, has few restaurants inside its residence heavy community. Nonetheless, its is faced on all its borders by a smorgasbord of culinary excellence. The best of the best in the Fort Worth area. Southlake, in particular, with its high breed, palate has managed to amass a veritable army of top-notch eateries.


Trophy Club is a residential community that does its best to keep the peace. It knows that silence is one of its citizen's most valued commodity. Here, in this lovely environment, you'll find the solace of sleep in a flash. A rest worthy of a warrior or a hard worker awaiting you every night. Meantime, for that weekend warrior, Fort Worth, Southlake and Dallas manage to fill in the second part of that age-old axiom: "work hard all week, to play hard all weekend."


The town is served by the Northwest Independent School District. Children who frequent Elementary school go to Lakeview Elementary and Samuel Beck Elementary. Middle school tikes attend Medlin Middle School. Meanwhile, for the varsity crowd, the town is served by Byron Nelson High School.


Trophy Club finds itself smack dap in the center of it all; standing firm between Fort Worth and Dallas. Both international cities gates of tourist worthy landmarks. Entertaining historical tidbits, amazing landscapes, architectural feats to boggle the mind, western knick-knacks. Both municipalities sporting a bevy of beautiful points of interest, golf course & country club and a new splash water park.


Trophy Club is, like its name points to, a "trophy" in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. It is the perfect community to retreat to on every sunset in search of that golden chalice of relaxation and, sell your soul, cold refreshing brewsky. Sit back and relax, and let the worries of the day shrug off as you stare into oblivion on your porch and dream of passive nights and the smell of Texan Barbecue sizzling on your patio grill. 

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