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Argyle Information and Highlights

The area known as Argyle was first settled by plucky European families and adventurous pioneers in 1850. For a series of years, the settlement battled between being known as Pilot Knob or Waintown. As the population and surrounding counties flourished, Argyle started to cultivate different amenities. A school in 1875, a Baptist church in 1876, and a post office in 1878.

In 1881, the big boom of the Industrial Revolution hit Argyle. Steam powered engines brought civilization and the future on steel tracks. The Pacific Railroad blew through the quiet hamlet and set its world on fire.

The community was formally founded and renamed Argyle in 1881. It was during this time, that one of Argyle's most significant urban legends came into being. Sam Bass, an infamous outlaw and desperado of the Wild West, had stolen king's ransom from the Union Pacific Railroad. Over 60 thousand dollars worth of gold coins had been violently purloined from the railroad’s coffers. Local tales say that Sam stashed the bounty in one of the many caves that surround Argyle. Unfortunately, Sam kicked the bucket before he managed to retrieve the gold or divulge its location.

Meanwhile, Argyle’s big brother, Fort Worth, was becoming the talk of senators up in Capitol Hill. Fort Worth was founded in 1849 as an Army outpost on a cliff overlooking the Trinity River. To this day, Fort Worth and its close hamlets manage to embrace their western heritage and their cowboy like architectural and design.

Following the "Treaty of Bird" (a document between the native Indian tribes and the Republic of Texas in 1843), a line of Army Forts were established around the Texan/Mexican border. A way to preserve a level of safety for ranchers and settlers in this area. A conjunction of posts that were pivotal for the defense of the land during the Mexican- American war in 1846-1847.

To this day, Fort Worth, one of the first outpost in the area is known as "where the West begins."

Following that bloody skirmish, Fort Worth began to deal in cattle and became a thriving mercantile town. The ranchers and their rich industry used the town at the nucleus for their "cattle drives." A way-station to not only sell their herds but properly spearhead them to other climates. It rapidly started gardening a reputation as a town on the outskirts of civilization that was onto itself quite reputable and refined.

The borough and its suburbs started edging out; hotels, casinos, bars, general stores, hospitals and the comforts of big city life in the American Frontier became a standard by which Fort Worth built its reputation.


Argyle is located conveniently between two major roads. Byways and intersections speeding about and landing its residents, in minutes, into the epicenter of one of Texa's most prominent community, Fort Worth.

Argyle's most distinctive attraction comes from its rural setting. Its big city ambitions masked behind a facade of lovely forest trails, impeccable woods, and emerald prairie atmosphere. A very western community encompassed by Texan neighborly charm.

Mighty oaks and Everwoods. Cheerleaders and football stars. Equestrian games and modern dude ranches. Argyle has that cowboy atmosphere few cities in Texas have managed to retain.


The Fort Worth area has a humid subtropical climate. A system that onto itself suffers the jerks of a desert environment. It is a vibrant climate that likes to churn up its vegetation with heavy rainfalls. The summers are hot, humid affairs; the days blistering with highs that have reached the upper 90s, while the nights dip into the low 40s. Winters, meanwhile, are chilly but dry. Temperature variance jumps between extreme cold (below zero) and mild chills the upper 30s.


Argyle has a meager yet distinct shopping emporium. A service heavy industry that values personal services. Here, in Argyle, you'll discover a series of dining establishments, a fitness center, hair salons, nail salons, dry cleaners, and more. Gift shops, home decor stores as well as antique repositories are part of the local mercantile landscape of Argyle. For more serious binges and brands, Fort Worth and Southlake pick up the slack.


The Argyle Chamber Of Commerce likes to stoke its town's quaint restaurants and culinary selections. Visitors will enjoy local flavors and family owned restaurants. The main ingredient in all their endeavors is their plain-spoken, gentleman like hospitality. The comforts of a personalized touch given to each and every one of its residents and passersby.

For all other extras, nearby Denton, Roanoke, Bartonville, and Flower Mound provide in spades..


Argyle is a peaceful quaint, people of the earth, type of community. It is the sort of suburb somehow embedded in a cocoon that protects its citizens from vices and loud noises. It is family friendly and PG-13. Yet, due to its location, Argyle, manages to find itself ensconced near Southlake and Flower Mound; the latter gifting the family with after hour entertainment while the former taking care of the adults..


The Argyle Independent School District serves the city of Argyle and neighboring areas. The district has one elementary school, a middle school, an intermediate school and a high school. It local claim to fame falls on the lap of the Argyle High School marching band; winner of 6 state marching band titles. Ranked the 74th best high school in Texas.


Argyle, stand firm between Fort Worth and Dallas; two gates of tourist worthy landmarks. Both municipalities sporting a bevy of beautiful points of interest. Points that figure high in the nation's patriotic soul. Fort Worth, in particularly, raises many visitors’ eyebrows and dumbfounds the native with its amazing cityscapes and its rural embrace of its western spirit.


Argyle is a small and somehow deeply personal town.  Its tight-knit community bonded on an almost cellular level. It is a secluded spot, safely fortified against the clamor and hassle of big city life. A town held tight in the bosom of nature. It allows its residents to step back and relax, to take a second and stop and smell the rose, to put up their feet and bask in the orange sunset. Setting aside all cliches and metaphors, Argyle is the sort of community one can't wait to reach after a busy day on the hamster wheel called life. 

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